Online application for a good or bad credit card, guaranteed loan with no credit check, or a secured loan for any credit.  At Credit Federal, you can find credit card issuers, loan lenders and a broad range of other personal finance resources regardless bad credit.  Apply for a secured or unsecured credit card, or for a secured or unsecured loan, including auto, home, payday or a personal loan.  Some issuers and lenders accept bad credit people, while others require good to excellent credit. Use our resources to locate the card or loan right for you.

A secured loan for bad credit people is often a better choice for instant approval and to get a low interest rate loan. When you have bad credit, lenders view you as a high risk and; if you get approved, may charge a substantially higher interest rate. You can reduce that risk and interest rate by getting a secured loan which offers lenders collateral. Auto and home loans are examples of secured loans, as is refinancing an auto or a home.

Even if you still owe payments on your auto or home, you may qualify for refinancing and could get cash equity.

If you have good, fair, bad credit or no credit, give our financial network the opportunity to help you. Apply for a guaranteed credit card, short or long term loan.  If you need a long term loan to pay bills, consider debt consolidation instead to avoid interest charges. If you are a non-homeowner, you don’t need a debt loan to pay bills, because credit counseling can reduce your monthly expenses. Another non-home owner option is to use your auto’s equity for a long term loan with low interest.  Our network also offers a new or used auto loan, a new home loan or refinance an existing mortgage. Use our personal finance center for financial assistance, and receive no obligation credit offers